Britta Ollrogge
Britta Ollrogge 

Helping Start-Ups unlock their potential through Agile Coaching and Process Consulting.

Agile Coaching

A dynamically changing environment requires a systematic approach to trends and scenarios.
As Agile Coach and Scrum Master, I support your teams to work successfully in a self-organized way.
That leads to

  • Increase of innovation capability,

  • Increase of customer satisfaction,

  • Reduction of time-to-market,

  • Increase of productivity,
    Increase of competitiveness.


Scaling Agile

You offer a complex product developed by many teams with many dependencies?
There are several frameworks, which contribute significantly to the success of scaling.
I support you in

  • Developing and implementing a suitable scaling strategy,

  • Improving communication,
    Establishing a clear prioritization,

  • Increasing the productivity of your teams.



Process Consulting

Scrum is not the solution! Let's look at the bottlenecks if your workflows need to run more smoothly, and productivity could be better. Scrum is not the solution in such a case, but it helps to make problems visible.

I support you with 

  • Strategy meetings to develop a tailor-made strategy for your company,

  • Team and individual coaching, 

  • Process assessments to identify optimization potentials in your business processes,

  • Workshops to teach agile methods and tools,

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